When we talk about music, there is more to the word than what meets the eye or soothe the ears. Music is not just about the sound, the beat or the lyrics. It doesn't matter who is singing or playing. What matters is how it makes you feel and the ways it impact your life. That's what matters and nothing else. For example getting Skrillex tickets for the concert makes Skrillex fans happy because there is something about his music that a fan can relate to.

So why does talk on music becomes a big debate on mainstream music and underground music? Because just like high school cliques there are music cliques as well, discussing what's hot and what's not. For instance getting Mary Poppins tickets and watching the performance live is hot whereas sitting at home watching it on TV is not. Diehard underground music fans often refer to mainstream pop music as something that has no meaning. On the other hand the hardcore mainstream music fans refer to underground music as nonsense and all screaming. Both cases define opinions, the opinions are not wrong, what's wrong is that the opinions are biased. What the fans fail to think is no one is better than the other. It is just about what clicks with your likings and interest. And this is not about music only, this happens in everything around us. Let's talk about sports for a moment. Many people love to get Washington Wizards tickets, Kentucky Wildcats tickets or Baltimore Ravens tickets to enjoy the games live. But many of them love to lie on their lazy couches and watch the games at home. That doesn't make them any less of a sports lover. It's just that they have a different preference.

Having defined these two extremes of music listeners there is a third type as well. The ones who just want to listen to good music. They don't want to analyze the lyrics or the stanza, all they want is an upbeat song that they can dance to and sing along. These are the people who would buy Shen Yun Performing Arts tickets and enjoy music to the fullest by dancing with their loved ones. This does not make these people any less of a music fan. Some people just look for fun and need something carefree, whereas some people look for an emotional connection in music. So basically it doesn't mean that mainstream music is nonsense and underground music is loud but instead both are different styles. It really depends on the mood you are in; you may end up liking both.

Bottom line, music is mere entertainment. You are free to have your own choice of music. May it be mainstream, underground, both or whatever is in the middle of these two classifications. Music is not about style or a label but in fact something that enables you to escape from reality and have a break. So let's try and work on that, make music free of judgment and maybe reality will come to surface on its own. This article defines the main aspects of mainstream and underground music. Follow the links below to know more: